Are you polluting yourself and putting those you love at risk unknowingly? Let's find out.  


Detoxify Your Home Consult 

What to expect

  • In-home or Online service helping you remove harmful chemicals.

  • An explanation of the ingredients lurking in your products. What to avoid and Why. 
  • Cleaning products, make-up, landscaping chemicals, the fridge, and even your dog's toys, will finally be demystified! 
  • Recommendations on how to make your home a safer and cleaner environment for your family and pets. 

25 %discount for pregnant moMs and those trying to conceive. 

I recommend this so strongly for pregnant and conceiving Moms that I'm giving you 25% off!



$65 / 60 Minute Consultation

$49 / Pregnant or Conceiving 60 Minute ConsultatioN

This is a unique, one of a kind service
tailored to your lifestyle.