how it works

Sessions designed for love and fun

 A typical session may include: Syncing your breath with your partners, helping each other into fun and challenging poses, meditating on a shared intention. 

Practice on your own schedule

We'll set up a time that is convenient for you. This can be a standing appointment or a one-off. Clients often find that setting a standing appointment of once a week, keeps them consistent in their practice and seeing results! 

Convenient location 

A beautiful park in Lincoln, CA or a location easy for you. I travel up to 30 minutes from Lincoln. If you're beyond 30 minutes, please contact me to work something out. See how far away you are by clicking here.

Personalized from Beginner to advanced

You'll have a class created for your goals and skill level. 


Price per couple

$95 / 2 hour       $75 / 1.5 hour       $55 / 1 hour