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They are great for:

  • When the mind starts to wonder into unhealthy territory. If you notice yourself repeating negative words or phrases, its time to switch gears. Affirmations help pull your mind out of that spiral and into a more positive space.
  • Cultivating a new belief systems. When you realize that your old mode of thinking isn't working, and you need a fresh lens. It may feel uncomfortable at first to repeat certain affirmations. Your may feel a tightness somewhere in your body or your mind may try and undermine the process by saying something like:
    • "this isn't really how things are, don't be ridiculous"
    • "I can never really feel like that"
    • "I don't deserve what I'm asking for in this mantra"

An affirmation is a word or phrase that you repeat either silently, or out loud. They are a powerful a way to reinforce a belief system that you already have or that you are working to cultivate. You've likely used affirmations in the past. Have you ever gone in for an interview and repeated a phrase like, "I've got this...I've this..." or given a public talk and told yourself, "Just relax...Just relax". In those types of moments, you were practicing affirmations and perhaps didn't even know it!  

  • Things to Note:  Often you'll stop saying an affirmation once it's integrated into your value system, or you'll feel the need to use it a lot less often. 
  • One great thing is that you don't necessarily have to set time aside to practice them. They can be said virtually anytime and anywhere! In your car, at the bar, while you dress, or clean up a mess! (Inner Dr. Suess moment). 

The repetitive nature of saying affirmations is useful during meditation or relaxation as well. It gives you a single thought to focus on, which helps keep the "monkey-mind" at bay. They are wonderful tool to use when the mind starts to spiral out into unhealthy territory.  when you need a boost in the right direction too.